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Special Valentine's Day Menu

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Manoir de Lébioles

Domaine de lébioles 1/5, B-4900 Spa, Belgium

The Manoir de Lébioles offers you an exclusive menu for this Valentine's Day, to share with the one you love!


Sourdough Bread and Flavored Butter
Scallops from "Dieppe
Apple and Kombu / Lard Colonnata / Chives / Bergamot


Chestnut / Red cabbage / Ricotta / Spinach / Ginger


Breton Blue Lobster
Meurette / Blackcurrant / Carrot / Caviar Imperial Heritag / Hibiscus


Vitello "Truinato
Veal from the "Ferme du Mont des Brumes" / Trout from "La Commanderie 7


Magnum pineapple / Rose / Pineapple Beer House arranged


Shio-Koji Mallard Duck
Puff pastry with Confi Duck Legs / Parsnip Kimchi / Black Chicon


Citrus Fragrances to share
Butternut / Spritz Sorbet / Kombucha / Lychee Macaroon


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