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Special Valentine's Day menu

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Domaine de Rymska

1 Rue du Château de la Fosse, 71490 Saint-Jean de Trézy, France

Domaine de Rymska offers you a delicious menu designed exclusively for Valentine's Day.


                Duck Foie Gras in Red Habit.

           Half-cooked salmon, caviar & lemon.

                        Scallops just seared,

                            Risotto carnaroli

                  Veal from the Domaine cooked

               at a low temperature, Macaire apple

                         Mousse of Brillat Savarin

                                    Herb salad

                             Pink grapefruit granita

                          Mango Curuma ice cream

                              Andoa Milk Chocolate

                             Orange and hot spices

Price: € 128 per person.

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