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May Garden

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Château de la Groirie, 72650 TRANGE, France

For garden lovers, did you know that the Sarthe is home, among other treasures, to the world's largest collection of peonies, the Peony Conservatory at Chateau de Sourches, but also a French-style park and an exceptional vegetable patch at Château de Villaines and if you decide to stay longer a remarkable hortus conclusus garden alongside a century-old bush, without forgetting the park and the Groirie gardens where our charming hotel nestles. These gardens, the values of which we share, are very close to the Château de la Groirie, which is why we wanted to create a stay under the sign of the garden to offer or to offer without moderation.

Please note, however, that peonies bloom only 5 weeks / year from May to June.

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