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Dera Village Retreat

Dausa, India

Dera Village Retreat is situated in the Golden Triangle circuit between Agra and Jaipur. The retreat offers a camel safari to visit a charming village and meet its friendly people who are eager to share their life with you. Rajasthani Folk Dances at the Retreat in the evening are as lively and colorful as the Rajasthan State itself. If you want to experience the soul of India, then you must go to her villages. An unforgettable village experience …

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Very quiet hotel

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Cottagefrom 10950 to 12000 INR

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- 20% discount in low season.

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01/05 - 01/07
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Hotel in Dausa : Dera Village Retreat

You wish to stay in Dausa, Rajasthan ? Authentic Hotels & Cruises has selected for you the best establishments. To this end, our teams have carefully studied the quality of the welcome and services offered by the hotels in Dausa. Among them, Dera Village Retreat is one of our favorites. This hotel in Dausa - which we have rated as "Very Pleasant & Authentic" - will charm you with its architecture, its landscape, its decoration and its comfort. Authentic Hotel & Cruises strives to recommend hotels in Dausa that meet all your criteria. You can book this hotel in Dausa directly on the Authentic Hotels & Cruises website. Dera Village Retreat will welcome you for an unforgettable stay.

Dausa, India