Villa Baulieu - Coffret Cadeau - Culture et patrimoine
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Coffret Cadeau - Culture et patrimoine

Offer valid until 11/02/2022

Villa Baulieu

Route de Beaulieu, 13840 Rognes en Provence, FRANCE

Services incluided:

- Breakfast room in prestige category.

- A bottle from our estate.

- Bag of almonds from the estate.

- Guided tour of the Parks & Gardens property, an overview of the highlights tracing the history of Villa Baulieu over the centuries.

- Tasting of 3 Wines from the Entrance area for the Vasarely Foundation in Aix en Provence. Don't hesitate any longer and book your nature weekend quickly to benefit from its benefits.


Offer for 2 people: 560 €

Link to book:

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