Authentic Hotels & cruises

My Philosophy

Over the course of several years, we have been selecting the best hotels, cruises and establishments from all over the world and we are proud to present to you the Authentic Hotels & Cruises collection—an appellation which is rigorous in its demand for excellence.

The expectation of our customers

Cristophe Vallet—himself an hotelier in the south of France whose reputable establishment has been known for several generations for its genuine good service—initiated the idea behind AHC. His idea sprung from a desire to recommend places to stay in other regions which he felt his own clients would appreciate. What he sought were hotels similar to his own which avoid standard luxury and superficiality and are firmly in favour of exclusive charm and, above all, authenticity.

The only original selection of its kind

The establishments and cruises recommended by Authentic Hotels & Cruises in this "new collection" have been chosen in an effort to promote hospitality professionals who share a core set of values: the preservation of the environment out of respect for future generations, refinement in the quality of welcome and service, a privileged setting embodying charm and authenticity—an enhancement of well-being in appreciation of the art of living...

An objective process of selection

In an effort to award our seal objectively and without prejudice, the award is given free of charge to the hotels and cruises selected, and our selection is limited to only those professionals who adhere scrupulously to our quality charter and philosophy.
Only about 5% of all hotels reviewed met our demanding criteria after a careful process of selection, and have been presented here in this, our new collection.

Sustainability in perspective
Taking environmental sustainability seriously out of respect for future generations calls for a profound change in our professional practices for the collective good. Authentic Hotels & Cruises is naturally committed to a programme of "sustainable tourism" and encourages members of its AHC collection to adopt responsible and sustainable management practices in line with the values we uphold.

Travel with Authentic Hotels & Cruises
Our selection has been strict and rigorous. As you travel around the world in style, we hope that it allows you to enjoy at least a few of the many wonderful establishments we have chosen for you.
If you appreciate authentic warmth of hospitality in a setting offering the finest in cuisine, elegance and relaxation, please accept our most cordial invitation to experience unforgettable moments with Authentic Hotels & Cruises.

Authentic Hotels & Cruises "Let us share and experience authentic and sustainable luxury together."